Public Toilets Of Different Countries Will Amaze You And Will Also Make You Feel Shocked

Public Toilets Of Different Countries Will Amaze You And Will Also Make You Feel Shocked

At the public sitting room, there are quite a few urinals in a common room. Each urinal is alienated by walls. One can just stand there and get peace. Toilets are a vital part of a human’s life. A healthy human normally feels and advise to emit once or twice a day and for this, he needs to visit a toilet. Here we show the different toilets and urinals systems around the world.some of these are very good, some are NYC and some are strange. so have a look

Chongqing, China


In Chongqing, China there is 1000 toilets compound that celebrates bathroom culture. Spread over 30,000 square feet, the four-story public restroom features urinals shaped like curvaceous women, crocodiles and even the Virgin Mary.


Netherlands toilets

Having huge amount of beer there were also many of these toilets everywhere. They love chatting while having a seep out.


Kenya toilet


Japan toilets

This inimitable kind of toilet would be only found in Japan were No hands, toilet paper, or wipes are needed in their toilet and they have a luminous sanitation system to manage the wastage and use it as a manure.


London toilet

This Firehouse themed restroom is found in a themed London pub.


China toilet

Loock like Chinese believe in Group hugging

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

 Seoul’s ice gallery has an attractive ice bathroom for the tourists. It can be used for the precise reason but is astonishing to sit and hit a beautiful selfie

Malawi, East Africa

Malawi, East Africa

A Urine distraction Toilet in Malawi. though the condition is different now and there are many toilets to try and get these into every village

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland


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